Cancer Free: 1-2-3

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ISBN: 9781457536588
136 pages

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You have been diagnosed with cancer! What now? You know that the medical solution of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are your next steps. Are there other approaches to healing from cancer? Do they work? Are they scientifically validated? You have seen countless oncologists and they all say the same thing—surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. This book will open your eyes about another approach to healing from cancer.


About Judith Larson

Judy Larson is a conservative Christian woman, blessed by God and humbled by His miracles. After a diagnosis of Stage 3 breast cancer, she realized she had no knowledge or experience with cancer. Like most people, she assumed she had to go through the medical protocols of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. After going through the surgeries to biopsy and remove a lump under her arm, she had time to research chemotherapy and radiation.



If you have been diagnosed with cancer you need to do something about it—and soon! You may be in panic mode, that deer-in-the-headlights feeling, or just in a fog of shock. In this country we have been taught that cancer is a mysterious and dangerous malady.

A cancer diagnosis many times catches us off guard, scares us and saddens us all at once. For me it was like stepping into quicksand, sinking and being afraid to move.


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